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1. Executive Summary

• This is no more than a one-page summary of the plan.

2. Ministry Summary (Describe Your Ministry)

• Accountability, responsibility, and who is behind the ministry.

• History (for individuals involved, includes what is their experience) or Start-up Plan.

• Locations where you will do your ministry and what you’ll need to do it.

• What are your core values and ethics.

3. Products and/or Services (What You hope to do or accomplish.)

• Product and Service Description.

• Comparison (is your service/product better than others are offering or does it better meet the needs of those you are proposing to serve).

• Literature (Is there literature such as stories or research data that relates to your ministry project).

4. Analysis Summary

• Gather information of similar ministries.

• Know who you will serve and their needs.

• Forecasting: What are the current trends and why and what will you be doing to make it better.

• Growth: Is the need perpetual, short term, will the need grow, and why.

• Participants: Will you be working with other ministries? Are others doing the same thing you are proposing to do or something similar. If so, why is your ministry needed.

• Distribution: Will you distribute resources and if so, how will you do it.

• Impact: What do you expect to be the effects on the community you wish to serve.

• Participation: How will you include those to whom you wish to serve in your ministry planning? How will you give away your ministry to those you are wishing to serve if doing so empowers them to serve themselves?

5. Strategy and Implementation Summary

• How you will implement the services you will be performing.

• What is your strategy.

• What will be the milestones.

6. Management Summary (Tell Your Story: Your Management Team, How you will deal with the need, personnel resources)

• How will you address team gaps.

• What will be your organizational structure.

• Will you have a management team.

• What is your personnel plan to invite others to take part in your ministry.

7. Financial Plan

• Provide a first year budget.

• If you will be providing goods explain where you will get them and the costs associated with those items.

• Explain how you will do your bookkeeping.

• Explain how the ministry will become self-supporting and when.

• Explain how the grant will be used.

• Explain how much you and your ministry partners will invest and how those funds will be used.

8. Summary

This is your opportunity to make any last points you wish to make. This can be done in a paragraph or two.

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