Ministry Venture Fund


"Investing in your dreams for God's Kingdom"

Is God calling you to step outside your comfort zone and do a new thing?  Do you have a dream of establishing a ministry project or growing an existing ministry project?  Is access to capital needed to establish or grow your ministry holding you back? If so maybe you should consider seeking a grant to start your ministry or grow your existing ministry.


In 2012 Peace Lutheran Church repurposed its endowment fund to become a ministry venture fund. The leadership of Peace Lutheran Church decided to refocus the fund to invest in the future today, to help our disciples realize their dreams for doing ministry for and with people in need in God’s kingdom.  It is a bold vision that recognizes that we have been blessed with great abundance and that God will provide, that daring ministry rests firmly on an audacious faith and that the Spirit is active among God’s people encouraging them to engage in new and innovative ministry.

If God is calling you to do a new thing that requires some financial assistance, then consider applying for a Ministry Venture Fund grant.

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The purpose of the Ministry Venture Fund is to encourage disciples at Peace Lutheran Church to engage their faith through active ministry. Educational researchers know that students master their subject matter far better if they are actively engaged in doing what they are learning. Is it possible that the author(s) of the Letter of James also knew this when they wrote that faith is strengthened and best expresses itself in active ministry (James 2:14-17)?

The Ministry Venture Fund provides financial assistance to those who either want to start a new ministry or grow an existing ministry as well as guidance and encouragement for those seeking ways to improve their ministry efforts.

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Funding for grants is provided by Peace Lutheran Church’s Ministry Venture Fund. In 2012 the leadership of the congregation made a decision to reorient the congregation’s endowment fund for the purpose of encouraging disciples to become more active in developing and fostering ministries that care for God’s people and grow more disciples. Though the fund is not limitless, the congregation encourages anyone with an interest in developing a ministry or growing an existing ministry to submit a grant. It is hoped that as ministries develop and grow the community will respond with additional contributions to the fund that will help support the development of more ministries.

Eligibility PDF Print E-mail
  • At least one member of the ministry team must be a member of Peace Lutheran Church.
  • Grant applicants can be younger than 18 years of age but must have an adult co-applicant.
  • Ministry projects requesting a grant must include at least 2 people.
  • Ministry projects must address a local community need in a way that respects those being served, includes to the extent possible opportunities for those being served a voice in how they are being served, a chance to help facilitate those being served with long-term comfort, growth and success, and plants the seed for the development of new disciples who will be inclined to care for others with a measure of God’s love and embrace.
Grant Guidelines PDF Print E-mail
  • Grant applicants can request any amount. The fund currently has about $12,000 per year to award.
  • Grant applicants must contribute at least 25% of the costs into the ministry project.
  • Grant awards can be used to provide support for any expense related to the ministry venture except salaries.
  • Grants can be renewed each year up to a maximum of three years. Grant extensions are made if the grant applicants can show continued success of the ministry.
  • Ministry projects should include more than one person and be open to inviting others to participate with you in your ministry.
  • Semi-annual written reports will be required if you receive a grant. The reports need to be submitted to the Ministry Venture Fund at 6 months and 12 months.
  • Grant recipients agree to share their ministry story with the congregation. That can be done by working with the staff communications coordinator and having a story written and published in the church newsletter and/or having a short article placed on the church website and a link established to your website (assuming you have a website) or a Facebook page or a blog or other public site where you can share your story. Recipients are also encouraged to set up a table in the mall outside the worship center after worship to invite fellow disciples to learn about your ministry.
Grant Award Criteria PDF Print E-mail
  • Grant awards are made for ministry projects that have a high potential to become self-supporting.
  • Grant applications must address a demonstrated need in the community.
  • Grant applications must include a well developed Ministry Plan.
Grant Application Process PDF Print E-mail

Grant applications can be made at any time of the year.

  • Grant applications are made to the Ministry Venture Fund.
  • Grant applications are reviewed and awards are made by the leadership team of the Ministry Venture Fund. Their decisions are final.


  1. Complete a Grant Application and return it to the Ministry Venture Fund.
  2. Complete a Ministry Plan and attach it to the grant application.

Once an application has been received by the Ministry Venture Fund it will be reviewed by the leadership team. The team consists of 3 – 6 members made up of church staff members and volunteers appointed by the church council. The leadership team’s purpose is to help fund as many applications as possible that meet the grant eligibility, guidelines and criteria. Once an application has been received and reviewed by the leadership team you will be invited in for a meeting. Applicants whose ministry plans meet the eligibility, guidelines and criteria but show weaknesses in the ministry plan will be provided assistance by the leadership team with the goal of honing and improving their ministry plan until the leadership team can be assured that the ministry plan has a high probability of continued success. Remember that the purpose of the Ministry Venture Fund is to help spawn new ministries that share the love of God. Once the leadership team is assured that the ministry is valid and the plan is sound the applicant will be awarded a grant.

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Grant Writing Tips PDF Print E-mail

Developing a strong grant proposal takes time, dedication and coordination of several activities, such as planning, developing a budget, writing a proposal and, in many cases, reviewing and revising your proposal before you submit it. Take time to fully understand the grant writing criteria that will be used by reviewers when evaluating your grant proposal.

  • Avoid jargon and, if acronyms must be used, use the full name /title on the first sentence.
  • When writing, put yourself in the grant reviewer’s place. If you weren’t the one who wrote the proposal, would you have a good understanding of what your organization wants to accomplish? Would you fund the project?
  • Establish and relate tangible, measurable goals and clearly articulate each one of them.
  • Give yourself sufficient time to develop your grant proposal in order to meet the grant submission deadline. Consider the time you may need to write and revise multiple drafts, gather relevant information, and submit it through any internal review process that you may have in place.
  • Ask other individuals (both those who are directly and indirectly involved in your project) to read your grant proposal before you submit it. Consider clarifying any areas that raise questions or are not clear to the reviewer.
Ministry Plan Tips PDF Print E-mail

1. Executive Summary

• This is no more than a one-page summary of the plan.

2. Ministry Summary (Describe Your Ministry)

• Accountability, responsibility, and who is behind the ministry.

• History (for individuals involved, includes what is their experience) or Start-up Plan.

• Locations where you will do your ministry and what you’ll need to do it.

• What are your core values and ethics.

3. Products and/or Services (What You hope to do or accomplish.)

• Product and Service Description.

• Comparison (is your service/product better than others are offering or does it better meet the needs of those you are proposing to serve).

• Literature (Is there literature such as stories or research data that relates to your ministry project).

4. Analysis Summary

• Gather information of similar ministries.

• Know who you will serve and their needs.

• Forecasting: What are the current trends and why and what will you be doing to make it better.

• Growth: Is the need perpetual, short term, will the need grow, and why.

• Participants: Will you be working with other ministries? Are others doing the same thing you are proposing to do or something similar. If so, why is your ministry needed.

• Distribution: Will you distribute resources and if so, how will you do it.

• Impact: What do you expect to be the effects on the community you wish to serve.

• Participation: How will you include those to whom you wish to serve in your ministry planning? How will you give away your ministry to those you are wishing to serve if doing so empowers them to serve themselves?

5. Strategy and Implementation Summary

• How you will implement the services you will be performing.

• What is your strategy.

• What will be the milestones.

6. Management Summary (Tell Your Story: Your Management Team, How you will deal with the need, personnel resources)

• How will you address team gaps.

• What will be your organizational structure.

• Will you have a management team.

• What is your personnel plan to invite others to take part in your ministry.

7. Financial Plan

• Provide a first year budget.

• If you will be providing goods explain where you will get them and the costs associated with those items.

• Explain how you will do your bookkeeping.

• Explain how the ministry will become self-supporting and when.

• Explain how the grant will be used.

• Explain how much you and your ministry partners will invest and how those funds will be used.

8. Summary

This is your opportunity to make any last points you wish to make. This can be done in a paragraph or two.

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