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These are the four keys of faith!  The Youth and Family Institute has highlighted these as being significant practices in passing on and living out faith.  All we do in Children and Family Ministry comes back to the Gospel being present in these keys!  Read more below:

Prayer and Devotion – This key is about spending intentional time in scripture reflection and prayer together.  Through communication with God and listening to His Word, we are sure to feel connected to our faith and family.  What family prayers are important to you?  Try reading out of a children’s bible(for suggestions, contact Audrey), and sharing your reflections.

Caring Conversation – Think about how much time we spend just plain busy!  Conversation may happen, but is it caring?  Caring conversation is intentional, involves listening, sharing, and compassion.  What would it be like if we were able to spend twice as much time in this kind of conversation than we are now?  Try it!  Have everyone write a question they want people to answer and put it in a bowl.  Each person pick one out of the bowl and as you sit around a table, share in caring conversation!

Rituals and Traditions – We are truly creatures of habit!  There are many ways that living our faith can become habit as well, but with intentionality and the presence of the Holy Spirit, God builds rituals and traditions of faith!  What are some of the times of day you can add a new faith ritual like prayer, devotion, blessing, serving, reading the bible?

Acts of Service – Christ’s call for us to love our neighbor is not one we have to do alone.  Sharing in service with your family can be an instant bond formed through Jesus’ call.  What is your family passionate about?  Is there a service opportunity there?  How can you serve one another in your own home day to day?

For ideas on how to start practicing the four keys in your family, email the church office and get free resources in your hands right away!

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Commmunication PDF Print E-mail

Want to keep updated on the latest for Child and Family Ministry at Peace? Here’s where you can find the latest information: the Child and Family email (email the church office to join), the newsletter, the weekly worship bulletin, and the website! You can also call the office and speak with one of our office staff.

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Here at Peace, we welcome and encourage families to worship together.  The discipline of life-long worship begins at childhood.  Children need to see their parent/s and other adults worshipping.  Children will model the behavior they see as they grow.  We provide children’s bulletins for them to color and complete as well as storybooks in the pews to help them see the worship through their eyes.  As children grow, encourage them to participate in the service.  Your next question might be, what do I do with myself while my children are in Sunday School?  Consider attending adult Sunday school or come help teacher or assist in children’s Sunday school.  There is no better way to spend two hours of your time than modeling for your children worship practices, life-long learning, and acts of service.

Faith Stepping Stones Ministry PDF Print E-mail

“Faith Stepping Stones” ministry continues to remind parents and sponsors of their promises made to God at Baptism regarding the Christian education of their children.  Most of the Stepping Stones involve education, a blessing and something to help families practice faith at home.  Your child's faith is developed in the home, through caring conversations with you! What happens when your child leaves Sunday School is ALL-important. The following outline is a guide to the Faith Stepping Stones recognized at Peace. If you have any questions please contact Kimber Govett, Director of Faith Formation.

  1. Baptism - 3 classes needed; Age of person baptized is determined by family/ individual
  2. Entry into Sunday School - No Class required; Age 3
  3. Lord’s Prayer - 1 Class required; 1st grade
  4. Ten Commandments - 1 class required; 2nd Grade
  5. First Communion - 3 Classes required; Age is determined by family, predominately ages 7-12 years
  6. 4th Grade Bible - 3 Classes required; 4th grade
  7. Confirmation Classes - 2 years of classes; 7-8th grade
  8. Entry into High School - No class required; Youth entering 9th grade
  9. Confirmation - Must have completed previous requirements in step 7 for confirmation; 9th Grade and above
  10. New Drivers - No classes required; Age 16 and up
  11. Graduation from High School - Completion of High School coursework required; Any age
  12. Birth of a Grandchild - Must have grandchild; Any age
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Baptism PDF Print E-mail

Baptism classes are offered twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  These classes are on three Sunday afternoons in the Sanctuary.  They are for adults who would like to be baptized or would like to have their child baptized.  The classes are interactive ways to prepare your hearts and home for a lifelong baptismal journey.  Watch the newsletter or bulletin for class dates or contact the church office.

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First Communion PDF Print E-mail

Holy Communion instruction class is offered to families who feel that their children are ready to receive this sacrament, usually around grade 5.  Classes are generally offered in November and March/April.  Watch the newsletter or bulletin for class dates.

Sunday School Ministry PDF Print E-mail

Our regular Sunday school ministry is from September through May during our 10am worship.   They are open to all children who are three before Sept 1 and older.  Those three (after September 1) and younger are welcome to attend the nursery with our faith filled nursery staff. Our Sunday School Ministry uses a curriculum called SPARK! That helps activate faith in families.  This curriculum is produced by Augsburg publishing house, our ELCA publisher.  The lessons follow the lectionary which allows for parents and kids to share their reflections from the same bible readings. The SPARK! curriculum supports our mission by encouraging faith development, at home, throughout the week.  Our Sunday school children also participate in several service projects throughout the year that focus on hunger; hunger in body and spirit.  These projects include Operation Christmas Child, food pantry support, and  Feed My Starving Children.

How does it work?  Parents are asked to sign their children in at the Sunday School table BEFORE they go to worship as a family. The children will leave after the Young Disciples time and go to Sunday School Opening in Fellowship Hall. * After opening, children will go their classrooms for a 4-key faith experience. Parents, please pick up your children in thir classrooms. * Parents of 3yr old - 2nd grade students will need to SIGN-OUT their children.

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Cross+Generational Ministry PDF Print E-mail

 Faith is passed on through personal trusted relationships.  One way we can support building up faith in this way is creating space for generations to share in caring conversations, prayer, rituals, and service.  From fellowship events, worship, and more, we encourage sharing faith among the generations.

Nursery PDF Print E-mail

Our Peace Lutheran nursery is available for most regular church activities. All of our staff are First Aid and CPR trained and have completed babysitter training.  On Sunday morning, the Peace Lutheran Nursery is designed specifically for children age 3 and under.  On Sunday mornings, we do provide a short Sunday school lesson for children over age 2.  On Wednesday evenings the care is designed for children age 6 and younger.  For most other evenings and special events we can accommodate children up to age 8. For questions or concerns contact  the church office.

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