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    Our Mission:

    To assist the family by providing a safe place for youth grades 7-12 to experience the community of Christ and be encouraged to respond to God's call in service to others. For more information, contact the church office at 623-972-6785.

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    "Investing in your dreams for God's Kingdom"

    Is God calling you to step outside your comfort zone and do a new thing?  Do you have a dream of establishing a ministry project or growing an existing ministry project?  Is access to capital needed to establish or grow your ministry holding you back? If so maybe you should consider seeking a grant to start your ministry or grow your existing ministry.


    In 2012 Peace Lutheran Church repurposed its endowment fund to become a ministry venture fund. The leadership of Peace Lutheran Church decided to refocus the fund to invest in the future today, to help our disciples realize their dreams for doing ministry for and with people in need in God’s kingdom.  It is a bold vision that recognizes that we have been blessed with great abundance and that God will provide, that daring ministry rests firmly on an audacious faith and that the Spirit is active among God’s people encouraging them to engage in new and innovative ministry.

    If God is calling you to do a new thing that requires some financial assistance, then consider applying for a Ministry Venture Fund grant.