How To Get Involved at Peace
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 All are welcome to share their time, abilities, and financial resources to support the mission of Peace, "to share Christ with the world and grow disciples for Jesus".  You don’t have to be a member of this congregation to get involved.  Indeed, many of those who do become active followers of Christ at Peace are already engaged in serving and participating prior to uniting in faith.

If there is an area that interests you, you are encouraged to pray and then contact the staff member or leader who is responsible for that ministry area or team for more information.  If you don’t know who to contact, just email our office and we will direct your inquiry to the correct person.

We encourage people to participate on the basis of their spiritual gifts, personal interests and passions, ability, and time availability.  We offer you an opportunity to do more than "go to church" but to become the church for those in need.

What do I need to do to unite with Peace?

Twice a year (Fall and Spring) we offer a course called “Growing Disciples”, consisting of six classes.  Everyone who is interested in becoming an active disciple of Christ at Peace is encouraged to attend one of these offerings.  This series of seminars will connect you with others as well as the vision, values, and mission of Peace.  We offer an introduction to the Bible and a review of the core beliefs, we review core practices of faith, the heart of worship, the power of prayer, and how we can grwaterow and develop an attitude of gratitude. 

Pastor Al Cassel facilitates the group presentations.  Each week has small group break-out sessions to get to know others.  Childcare is provided for children 0-3 years old and a learning component is available for children age 4-12.   To sign-up for an upcoming class, email or call the church office / 623-972-6785.


If you or your children have not been baptized, then the first step in becoming a member of the church is by getting baptized.  Periodic courses, consisting of three, one-hour Baptism classes are offered to provide background and information for those wanting to schedule a baptism.  These courses are required.  Contact the church office to register for the next course.

First Communion

CommunionThe policy of this congregation is to offer Holy Communion to children as their parents determine their readiness to receive the Sacrament. Children who plan to receive Holy Communion are asked to attend instruction with their parents. First Communion instruction is offered twice a year.  Instruction includes three "hands-on" seminars along with activities for the home.  If a child has not received instruction or communion by the fifth grade, they are encouraged to undergo instruction.

Children who already receive communion, even if they come from different Christian traditions, are welcome to take communion at Peace.  Children who do not receive communion and have not attended instruction are welcome to come to the altar and receive a blessing.


confirmationPeace Lutheran Church offers a two-year intentional learning experience for 7th and 8th grade youth offered on Wednesday nights which, when completed, allows the student to affirm their faith before the congregation and be confirmed as an adult member of the church.  This two-year course of instruction is taught by the pastor, but parents are expected to be actively involved partners in the learning process.  Confirmation provides an opportunity to build a strong biblical and theological foundation for one’s faith.

Between the first and second year, the Confirmand is expected to participate in a one-week camp experience.  This is critical to our effort to grow youth disciples for Jesus.

For high school youth who join the church and have not yet been confirmed, there is the option to attend the regular Confirmation class or to do the course work through independent study with parental supervision.  For youth in 7th or 8th grade just joining the church, it is strongly suggested that participation in the Confirmation program takes place.  How this participation evolves can be determined in consultation with the pastor.